Security and Monitoring with Serverless Software

Build software and teams that scale well without compromising on security or confidence that you will be online when it matters most.

Serenity Software can help you design the next generation of scalable software and lower your attack surface area through reducing infrastructure.

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Who We Are

Serenity Software is a business and software consulting firm that has been helping clients for over 20 years by Ryan J. Peterson. Having never spent anything on marketing, our clients have all come from referrals and our reputation. With experience in FinTech, Lottery, Software Security, Insurance and Government Regulatory Compliance - we can help clients navigate challenges that can be a hurdles for startups and seasoned companies alike. Our approach focuses not only on the technical aspects of a company but the people and processes that make up a companies DNA and ultimately leads to success or failure.

Software Consulting Services

Software Architecture

UI / UX and Product

Business Model Evaluation

Engineering Hiring and Team Leadership Training

Security & Compliance Services

Cyber Security

With the growing number of high-profile breaches, we can help ensure your customer data is safe and secure.

  • Cyber Security Framework Risk & Control Advisory and Assessment
  • Digital Forensics & Compliance
  • Application Validation and Security
  • Pen Testing and Social Engineering


Security starts with proactive searching for vulnerabilities and fixing them before they become exploits used against you.

  • Vulnerability Scanning and Cloud System Monitoring Advisory
  • Application File Scanning Design
  • Vendor Security Assements
  • Security Solution Consulting


From GDPR compliance to ITPP planning it is critical to ensure your software and processes are compliant with the law.

  • Software-as-a-Service Solutions for Reporting and Compliance
  • ITPP Assessment and Advisory
  • Regulation CF Guidance
  • KYC / AML

What People Say About Us

“Ryan has helped us build an internet business that has grown over 1000% from our first engagement.

Chad Schapiro
CEO at Next Level Leadership

“I've hired Ryan to do everything from web application development to architecture, project management, system administration and everything in between. Ryan even was the host at a conference we put on at Google HQ.”

Marc Grabanski
CEO at Frontend Masters

“Ryan combines raw intellectual horsepower with years of experience in a wide range of fields in a very effective way.”

Zach Goldberg
CTO at